Transferring eSpace CFX from to MetaMask


This tutorial is focused on MetaMask, but you can use any other supported wallet, such as Wallet Connect-based wallets and Ledger devices. See Supported Wallets for more information.

  • A account.

  • At least 15 CFX traded on You can trade using the CFX/ETH and the CFX/USDT markets. To learn how to do Spot trading on, see: How to Conduct Spot Trading.

  • A MetaMask wallet connected to Conflux eSpace. To learn how to connect your MetaMask wallet to Conflux eSpace, see: Connecting MetaMask to Conflux eSpace.

Transferring eSpace CFX from KuCoin to MetaMask

  1. Log-in to your account.

  2. Optional: In address description, add a description for this address, such as "My Conflux eSpace MetaMask account".

Your funds have now been sent to your MetaMask account! The operation will take a couple of minutes.

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